Based on the RECO Technique

About Sure Vision

Sure vision is a unique therapeutic eye wear designed to improve your vision naturally. The eye glass is conceptualized using MC- RECO (an acronym for Micro Cavity Refractive Error Correction Occluder) Technique and Research by the Vision Care Society, USA.

It incorporates pinhole sized perforations (tiny holes) that blocks indirect rays from entering the eye and thus protect your vision from getting distorted. This unisex vision improving apparatus also helps in reducing the eye strain symptoms.

Sure vision comes with a Free Magnetic Cool Mask filled with special cooling gel that works great on eyes and keeps it healthy. Along with improving your eye sight naturally, it boosts sound sleep, relaxing your eye muscles, relieves headache and red eyes.

By using the product, results may vary person to person.

Improve your Eyesight Naturally!

Sure Vision Benefits -

  • Natural effective way to get rid of eye glasses for proper vision.
  • Helps in preventing issues with computer vision syndrome including eye strain and blurry vision.
  • A simple and cost effective method of improving eye sight naturally, without any medication or surgery.
  • Sure Vision helps in avoiding strain caused due to high power eye glasses.
  • Improves natural vision ability to view objects at different distances.
  • Unisex device that can be used by both men and women.
  • One device for both long and shortsightedness
  • Works on people with all age group and has no side effects
  • Can be used for treating eye conditions including Cataract, Presbyopia and Astigmatism

By using the product, results may vary person to person.

Eye Glasses

How to use?

It incorporates pinhole sized perforations (tiny holes) that
blocks indirectrays from entering the eye and thus protect your vision from getting distorted.

Vision Glasses

Sure Vision Glasses

  • You can use surevision while watching TV or working on computer.
  • Make sure you take a break of 1-2 minutes after every 15 minutes of reading and working on computer or any other activity.
  • Don’t wear it while playing outdoor sports as that can block your peripheral vision.
  • Do not look directly at the sun after wearing sure vision.
Cool Mask

Cool Mask

  • You can wear it 15-20 min over your eyes at any time of the day.
  • It helps to reduce common eyes stain problems and relax your eyes.
  • You can also use it to remove wrinkles & dark circles due to eye stress.
  • Best eye mask to get relief from eye inflammation caused by allergens
Common eye wear for all eye problems!

How SureVision Works?

Human eye while witnessing an object receives light from different angles. However, eyes with affected lens and cornea may suffer from blurred images (referred as refractive errors) upon entering the light. The situation arises when the light entering the eye does not strike on the exact spot of vision in the retina.

Sure vision glasses works through improving the brightness, contrast and sharpness of the images coming from different angles.

It allows a narrow beam of light to enter the eye with the view to increase the depth of the field and reduces the size of the circle on the retina.

Apart from treating visual impairment, sure vision also helps in reducing eye strain symptoms.


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Tired of wearing brooding eye glasses in your everyday life? Willing to get rid of them naturally? Well, sure vision is an ultimate solution to you vision problems. It is a modern day vision clearing device to help you improve your vision naturally. Powered by latest technology features the device is easy to use. Just wear it like your regular glasses while reading, watching TV or working on computer. Do not wear it outside in sunlight or it can affect your peripheral vision. Also, it is extremely useful for people suffering from cataract, presbyopia and astigmatism.

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Naturally effective way to get rid of prescription glasses

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